Clyde A. Daly Jr. is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Haverford College. Born in Boston to Montserratian-American parents, he attended Gordon College and graduated with a degree in Chemistry. While at Gordon, he worked in the experimental physical chemistry laboratories of Professor Joel E. Boyd and did summer research with Professor Mostafa A. El-Sayed at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He then pursued his doctorate in theoretical chemistry research with Professor Steven A. Corcelli at the University of Notre Dame. After receiving his PhD, he joined the lab of Rigoberto Hernandez at Johns Hopkins University as a postdoc in collaboration with the Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology. At Haverford, he has started his own independent research laboratory specializing in theoretical chemistry techniques, especially molecular dynamics, density functional theory, machine learning, and vibrational mapping. When he’s not in the lab, Clyde enjoys Latin dance and strategy video games.